Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Very First Blogpost EVAH!

Why am I doing this…

Mainly for myself for so many reasons:

To practice the importance of play. It’s what I preach (teach).
To practice writing. I’d love to write a book someday.
To practice photography. I have always loved photos.
To practice creativity. Being creative is what makes us human.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!? Nah, I know this blog will be far from perfect and I am SO okay with that.

More reasons…

To express myself. I’ve got many years of being a shy, quiet kid to make up for.
To connect with others.
To inspire others. ‘Cuz it sure feels good!


  1. It's great Jodi! I taught a homemaker lesson titled "Those Old Timey Outdoor Games" this spring - but the main premise was the importance of play! It took me back to my child development days and applied it to adult development! Should've called you . . .

  2. Nice job with the blog! I found it through your Mondo Beyondo comment. I started a blog back in June for many of the same reasons you did - to connect with those far away, be creative, and claim my own corner of the Internet. Check it out if you'd like! See you in MB! : )


I do so appreciate each and every comment. Thanks!