Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy and Sad

Heather with Miles, April 2007

 Today is Sept. 11.  If I stop to think of what that date means for Americans then Sept. 11 = sad.

Today is my friend Heather's birthday.  Now Sept. 11 = happy. 

Heather and I have sort of known of each other since we went to the same junior high in Utah.  But we didn't actually meet until we were in graduate school in San Antonio, Texas, starting 18 years ago.  Three years later she was one of my bridesmaids.  Even more years later Heather accepted a position to teach in the same college department where my husband and I also teach.  She is also my son Miles's godmother, well one of them.  (He needs a lot of praying after. Ha)  Heather is such a special person in the lives of my children that they call her Aunt Heather.  We have been through A LOT together, both happy and sad.

Sept. 11 would have also been the 80th birthday of another special person.  Now I'm back to Sept. 11 = sad. 

"Aunt" Doris died this past March.  She lived across the street from us and we attended the same church.  She was one of the most welcoming people I have ever known.  When she asked about you, you knew she really was interested.  She never had children, but this retired school teacher supported so many children throughout her life.  She always remembered mine on their birthdays and holidays with cards and little treats.

So what do these three Sept. 11 events have in common?  Do I even need to tell ya?

Never take your loved ones for granted.  But you will.  And then something will happen to remind you not to.

As for the play, Heather and I have an afternoon of girl stuff planned--pedicures and shopping.  And of course, chocolate birthday cake!  So I end with HAPPY!


  1. So true Jodi about friendship. We have people placed in front of us all the time for some reason, and if we keep our eyes and brains open to them, they just may turn out to be amazingly special in our lives. Heather certainly touches people that way, and I know you offer that back to her. Also, how could you not love Miles and Meredith. You gals have a great day together and cherish each other accordingly.

  2. If only days could ever really just be happy or sad... everything would be so much simpler!

  3. Hi Jodie,
    I enjoyed your blog on September 11th. I remember the day that Heather was born and it was an amazing day for me, her big sister. I always tell my friends that September 11th will always be special to my family because of Heather coming to us on that day. No act of terror will ever take that away from us. Thanks to you and Jeff for being Heather's family in first Texas and now Kentucky. Heather greatly loves her friendship with your family. Blessings to you and your family Jodie!


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