Friday, September 3, 2010

Mrs. Beasley

A message from my mother today said that when she opened a suitcase at her house out fell my old Mrs. Beasley doll.  And she was wearing my 5-year-old son's underwear.  He must have been playing with her the last time we visited because I sure didn't do that to her.

I found this very brief video on youtube.  It immediately took me back to my childhood.  Long ago my Mrs. Beasley lost her glasses and she stopped talking from too many pulls of her string.  I was amazed that while watching the video, as soon as the doll said something, I could finish the saying.  And I haven't heard her talk in decades!

I wish my Mrs. Beasley wasn't 700 miles away. 

How about you?  Do you still have a favorite doll, stuffed animal, or action figure from your childhood?


  1. I just read your comment at Chookooloonks and came over to wish you well on your blogging adventure! I don't think that doll was out when I was little. I had a 'my real baby' and my sister had 'my buddy.'

    Nice to meet you : )

  2. My favorite doll was Zippy the monkey. When you would squeeze one of his arms it made a chirping noise - I guess it was supposed to sound like a monkey.


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