Friday, April 29, 2011

When I felt like a princess...

Frustrated. Having trouble with blogger today and with my scanner. Was hoping to get a couple of decents scans to come out but not working very well.  So here's a blurry pic of my husband and I.

Anyway, I definitely remember feeling like a princess on this day.

May 27, 1995


  1. Great picture! It's not too blurry, in my humble opinion.
    Whenever I'm feeling a bit blue, I take out my wedding album and it perks me right up. My second cousin, who was 4 yrs old at the time and who I'd never met before my wedding day, walked around with me at my reception and told me I was a beautiful princess and he wanted to come home and live with me and my new husband. Wedding planners should take a lesson from that. All brides should have a little admirer telling them how lovely they are. It's one of my favorite memories from my wedding day and certainly something I'll never forget.

  2. What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing i.


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