Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Simple Thing...

I have one simple thing to say:

P L A Y   B A L L !

This is the first time the Rangers have made it to the World Series. It is a very big deal especially in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where I lived for several years. I have some very happy memories going to the ballpark with my family to see the Rangers play. It helped to go with my father because he could tell me all the strategy behind the game since he played ball for many years. My favorite parts of the experience are when they play the Cotton-Eyed-Joe during the 7th inning stretch, fans participate in the Dot Race or do the wave, and of course, the food and drink: hotdogs, pretzels, peanuts, and beer. Oh yeah, and then there's the game itself.

Here's the Cotton Eyed Joe

Here's the Dot Race

Go Rangers!

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  1. First, I must say that I wished it was my Phillies playing your Rangers. But since it is not the Phillies, I will root for the Rangers.

    We have a local minor league team that does the same thing (dot race) but with Vegetables. At the end, they actually run onto the field for an actual race. People are yelling out "Broccoli Cheats" " Go Lettuce!" it is hysterical. And at the 7th inning, the "Tooth Fairy" i.e. girl in skimpy clothes, comes and brushes of the bases. Glad to see they have some of those traditions in Major League Stadium


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