Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mining for Play Therapy Gold (the pics version)

What have I been doing lately?

Mining for play therapy gold in Sacramento
theme for 2011 APT conference
(iphone photo by me)

at the 2011 APT conference
photo by ?

I presented on Creativity for Play Therapists.
that's me standing
(iphone photo by Tammi Van Hollander)

I went to several meetings.
Conference Program Committee with Tami Langen & Kathy Lebby
(surprise photo by Mistie Barnes)

I went to play therapy trainings including those by Terry Kottman, Jeff Ashby, David Crenshaw, Athena Drewes, Eric Green, LeAnne Steen, and Hilda Glazer.
Eric Green & David Crenshaw
(photo by ?)

Most of all, I networked, ate, and drank with play therapy friends, new and old.
me with Angela Cavett & Liana Lowenstein
(photo by ?)
me, Cherie Spehar, Lori Myers, Anne Stewart, David,
Angela, Ana Tillman, Tammi Van Hollander
with the APT dude
(taken by ?)

David Crenshaw started a private play therapy group on Facebook.
We met for a big toast (thank you Liana).  I love that he is laughing in this pic.

Stay tuned.  I plan to share my reflections on the conference in an upcoming post.


  1. Love it. Can't wait to hear your reflections!!

  2. Love it! Thanks for posting these pictures Jodi and thanks for your creative contributions to the group! So great to see you in Sacramento and hang out!

  3. Now I hope I am not a blog stalker anymore! Stephanie


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