Monday, August 1, 2011

Joy for Monday

When we are centered in joy we attain our wisdom.
~~Marianne Williamson

I'm having a week of JOY.

All photos this week were taken by yours truly at the Birmingham Botancial Gardens on our vacation. That place brought me JOY for sure. I love these photos so much I had them made into enlargements at Walgreens. When I went to pick them up the clerk had me sign a form stating that I was the photographer and that they weren't done by a professional.

Photography brings me JOY.


  1. It is a wonderfully creative photo ~ glad you are being so creative! Love it! Enjoy this week also ~ What a compliment at WalMart! You deserve it!
    Hugs and namaste, Carol and ArtMuseDog ^_^

  2. HI there, I am here fr the Emerge course, so happy to meet you.. love this photo.. it's amazingly beautiful! xzo hugs


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