Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Week of Joy

As I've stated in an earlier post, it's been a rough summer.  Things aren't really better, nor are they worse.  Okay, maybe they're a little bit better.  But I'm tired.  Of all of it.  So for this week I'm going to attempt to do something and focus on JOY.  And I just thought of this right now, this very moment.

I recently bought another necklace from my friend Liz when she was running a special in her etsy shop.  She included one of her soul mantra necklaces with my order.  When we returned home from vacation last week I was thrilled to see the package had arrived.  As I tore it open, I thought to myself, "the soul mantra necklace is gonna say JOY on it."  Yep!  Liz knew what I need to focus on, even if I didn't know it myself.  She's such a wise soul.

Looking back on the day I can think of two things I did that brought me JOY.

1) Miles and I filled up the blow-up pool with water.  Despite the warm air, the water was cold.  But he and I sat and talked.  And then we did yoga poses in the water.  And danced together.  And were silly.  Even though we don't have a fenced in backyard and all the neighbors could see if they wanted to.

2)  I painted a background painting for the How to Paint an Owl ecourse I'm taking.  Yes, it's led by a woman named Juliette Crane and no, I don't think we're related.  I didn't paint like I usually do.  Instead I painted with my fingers.  Just like a child.  Mixing hue of pink.  And then the fun, fun of spray paint.  When I think of JOY, I think of the color pink.

JOY in the simple moments. 
JOY in art and creativity.
JOY in play.

Will you join me this week?


  1. yes to joy
    yes to the simple moments
    yes to painting and play

    sending big love.

  2. sounds like such a lovely time in the pool! i've been getting out my little blue pool too and just sitting with a book or summer time!

    best wishes to you!

  3. Love that your saying yes to joy even when it might tough! And nothing more fun than a pool and some play time.
    That background looks amazing can't wait to see your finished painting!


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