Saturday, November 6, 2010

Empty Bowls Project

Many came on a cold and sunny November afternoon.
With soup, bread, drink, and dessert to feed us
In beautiful handmade bowls from a potter's hands.
Because too many are hungry
Who happen to even be in our own community.
What wonderful things can happen
When we all work together.
Each doing our small part.

the man in the middle is the potter who made most of the bowls
homemade vegetable beef, pinto bean, potato, & chicken & rice soup
homemade bread
a family affair for us Cranes
working together
the old and the young
To learn more: the Empty Bowls Project


  1. We hold an Empty Bowls Luncheon each year in our community to benefit our local food bank. Local artists, scouts and students make all of the bowls and it is a very moving experience for each and all. Thank you for spreading the word about this powerful project.

  2. We have a similar project in our area called the "Souper" Bowl. Our local art co-op organizes the making of the bowls and donates them to the cause. It is really a fun and beneficial event. I love that it is happening all over the country.


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